XS2RADIO has developed a unique platform where textual input (manual newsitems, rss-feeds, API’s) are converted to vibrant audio feeds, by adding layers of high quality text-to-speech, Audio Design and other types of audio content. In combination with high-quality soundscaping technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning. The XS2RADIO-platform offers full control over the output of your audio. The automatically generated audio output can easily be mixed with other audio formats, such as podcasts, jingles, radio commercials and music (playlists). Give us your textual input and XS2RADIO creates a radio stream, micro podcast or social media audio-items from it!
The XS2RADIO tool is available in more than 30 languages ​​and can therefore be used worldwide. User data is stored securely (according to AVG / GDPR standards) in the XS2RADIO-platform. With this data, XS2Radio offers ultimate relevance in providing both news and advertising to the consumer. This makes it ideal for applications such as personalized news, weather forecasts, stockprice information and traffic info. Everything is measurable for publishers and advertisers via statistics and analytics. Audio commercials can be fully targeted by current topic and user group.



Reach your current readers or clients on new moments. More content consumptions creates loyalty.


Access new advertising revenues from audio budgets via commercials or branded audioitems.


Via machinelearning and artificial intelligence the consumer can listen to an audiostream with only relevant news or information.


Within seconds text news can be automatically converted to an audio stream.


XS2RADIO is a very friendly-priced alternative for traditional radiobroadcasting and podcasting.


Widgets can be created per publisher, per feed and per article. These widgets can be embedded on the publisher's website(s) as audioplayer.